Learn To Sing - Voice Lessons In Your Home

Does your child love to sing, or do you think they would benefit from proper vocal technique and sound production?

We’re glad you found us. We offer in-home voice lessons in Philadelphia, PA, and we would love to work with you.

Students of all skill levels and voice types are welcome in our studio, and our goals always follow your goals — we aren’t dogmatic, and we never impose our own goals above those of our students.

Whether your children are gearing up for a theater performance, fine arts competition, or college audition, we would love to work with you.

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Searching for a Voice Teacher Near Me?

We serve most of the neighborhoods within commuting distance of Center City, Philadelphia, and there’s nothing easier than having a qualified, friendly voice teacher come to your home. Save time, avoid travel, and fit lessons into your busy schedule -- get in touch if you have any questions.

In Home Voice Lessons

Too busy to drive to a music school, or are you otherwise unable to travel?

Generally speaking, we offer voice lessons in the Philadelphia neighborhoods we serve: Fishtown, the Spring Garden area, Fairmount, Old City, Midtown Village (center city), Logan Square, Fitler Square, Queen Village, Bella Vista, South Philly, and Graduate Hospital.

When you request in-home voice lessons, we assess a travel fee based on where you live. Time and cost of transit both impact overall cost.

Who’s Eligible? Voice Lessons for Kids in Philadelphia

Because we limit our voice lessons to within student homes, we only accept students under the age of 18. If you have an elementary school, middle school, or high school-age child, we would love to work with them.

If you are an adult looking for voice lessons, you are still more than welcome to reach out -- we can refer you to another teacher that we have worked with in the past.

How Much Do Voice Lessons Cost in Philadelphia?

Our standard lesson billing is as follows -- please note, an additional travel charge is assessed to these prices. We will take your location and ease of access into consideration when determining fees. Standard monthly billing:

  • Weekly 30-minute Lessons: $150/month

  • Weekly 45-Minute Lessons: $215/month

  • Weekly 60-Minute Lessons: $285/month

Fees are due by the first lesson of the month, and while there are no refunds for cancelled lessons (if the student cancels), you are eligible for up to 2 make-up lessons per academic semester if you have to cancel.

Types of Music We Teach

While we teach a number of styles, we focus on Bel Canto, Opera, and Classical, and Broadway singing styles. We will work with you to learn both the teacher’s recommended music and the music you want to learn -- we realize lessons are about you finding joy in singing, and we want you to sing what you love.

Whether you want to learn an Aria, your favorite Broadway tunes, or standards and pop songs, we’d love to help you find your voice.

Voice Types We Work With

Whether your child is a budding tenor, soprano, bass, or baritone (yes, altos are welcome as well!), we would love to help them. Every voice type has a unique set of challenges, especially during adolescence — the voice seems like it has a different range every month, and the constant changes in timbre and ability keep students and teachers on their toes. We will work with you to pick the right repertoire for your child’s voice type, and we help each student navigate the challenges of learning to sing healthily.

Meet the Teacher

We’re excited to announce the launch of our voice studio, and while we haven’t released the name of our teacher yet, stay in touch to find out more.

Who Should Learn to Sing in Philadelphia?

If your child demonstrates a love for music, we couldn’t recommend music lessons more highly. Additionally, your child may develop a love for choir, ensembles, music theater, and more in middle school or high school -- we are more than happy to support whatever music groups they are participating in at school.

Your child may also need lessons if a college audition is coming up; we’ve been in that position ourselves, and we’re happy to help.