If you have a fast internet connection and access to a webcam, you can sign up for live online piano lessons. Traveling isn't possible for everyone; if in-home lessons aren't an option, we can accomplish just as much via Skype or Google Hangouts. I use Zoom technology for recording and teaching online, so sound and/or video quality won't be an issue. If you're interested in the best online piano lessons, get in touch so we can set up a time to test your connection and video quality.


Online Piano Lesson FAQs:

Who is eligible for online lessons?

  • Online lessons work for anyone at any age or skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced, young and not-so-young. Please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss if piano lessons online are a good fit for you.

How long are the lessons?

  • Just like lessons at my studio, I offer 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons once a week. For very young students (early elementary age) I usually recommend 30-minute lessons. For more advanced students who are playing longer repertoire and have a more mature attention span, 45-60 minutes is usually a better fit.

What equipment do you need?

  • High speed internet, a webcam with functioning audio, headphones, mic, piano or keyboard (check out my guide to buying a digital piano), and a bench. Most laptops now come with decent equipment including the webcam, audio, and mic. The intent is that both you and I have a good internet connection so that we can have a smooth, interruption-free lesson.

What will you learn?

  • Read about my teaching style or get in touch for more details, but in short, I want to give you the tools to become an independent musician. That means we will cover the fundamentals of music theory and proper playing technique. I’ve studied and played many genres of music, and in my experience, the classical repertoire provides the best foundation for a well-rounded pianist. That being said, I offer classical piano lessons online to help you practice your playing techniques, but all genres of music are valuable. So please be open about what you want to play! I want to help you achieve your musical aspirations.

What Are Some Benefits Unique to Piano Lessons Online?

  • Logistically speaking, it doesn't get any easier than online piano lessons. Just sit down at the keyboard, log on to your computer, and enjoy your lesson. 
  • From an education point of view, children and teenagers are increasingly learning through online platforms. The Khan Academy, Duolingo, and other online learning tools have changed how students process information. Your child may learn the piano better through an online medium.
  • Take lessons from anywhere: if you live in a region or country where high level, professional piano instruction isn't readily available, online lessons might be perfect for you. I'm happy to teach students from any country or continent as long as we can work out our time-zone differences!