If you live within a reasonable distance, I’m more than happy to teach in your home in Philadelphia, PA. I’ve been offering in-home piano lessons since 2010, and I’ve often found them to be an effective alternative to music lessons in a school or studio.

If piano lessons at home seem like the right fit for you or your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation and get-to-know meeting. I’d love to hear from you via phone or email.

Who is Eligible for  In-Home Piano Lessons?

Any student high-school age or below is eligible for lessons in their home, but there does need to be a piano or keyboard available for lessons and practice. I will also offer adult piano lessons if a child is also receiving in-home lessons. In my experience, here are the groups that benefit the most from in-home piano lessons:


If you already have an in-house learning environment set up for your children, in-home piano lessons for home-schoolers might be the perfect fit. Piano (or music in general) can be the perfect addition to your home-school curriculum, and even if you choose to treat it as an extracurricular activity, time at the keyboard could be very productive while your child is already in “learning mode.”

Households with Multiple Children

Even one child is a handful, and if you’re juggling multiple children, coordinating piano lessons can put you at the end of your rope. You can dramatically decrease your workload by simply signing up for a block of time and letting your children take lessons at home, one after another.

Children Who Learn Best in a Familiar Environment

Some students thrive in the disciplined environment of a studio or classroom, but others learn best in a comfortable, familiar environment. If you think your child would listen more attentively or be more disciplined in your own living room, give me a call about in-home piano lessons.

Families without Easy Transportation

If your family doesn’t use a car (many people in the city don’t), it might be too much of a hassle to use Septa or call an Uber. In-home lessons are probably a good option for you. Along those lines, if you rely on street parking, you won’t have to give up a highly-coveted parking spot, if you sign up for piano lessons in the home.

I’d encourage any other families who are pressed for time or otherwise unable to travel to reach out about lessons in your house. I’d love to hear from you, and we can find a time that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

What Philadelphia Neighborhoods are Available?

I can travel to the following Philadelphia neighborhoods/sections:

  • Old City & Northern Liberties

  • Center City (and immediate neighborhoods like Queen Village, Fitler Sq., Fairmount, Etc.)

In-Home Piano Lesson Rates

My in-home lesson costs are the same as my studio lessons: $1 per minute.

  • 30 minute lesson - $36

  • 45 minute lesson - $51

  • 60 minute lesson - $68

In addition to the lesson fee, there will also be a travel fee; if you’re interested in piano lessons at your home, we can work out the right price at that time. Things like parking availability, mileage, and driving time will all factor into the equation.

If you have any questions about my availability, teaching style, or whether or not in-home music lessons are right for your family, please don’t hesitate to call or email me!